NEW DELHI  - The former Pakistan skipper endorses Gautam Gambhir’s sentiment, challenges Australia to beat India on turning sub-continental tracks.

It's not the best of times for teams with world No 1 tags. “It’s a very misleading number,” feels former Pakistan great Wasim Akram. In an exclusive chat with from Adelaide on Monday, Akram even went to the extent of saying: “England are lions only at home,” adding, “The British media now have their mouths shut.

“I firmly believe that England are champions only at home. Their weaknesses are always exposed on foreign tours. A top side is one that can handle every condition. West Indies did it in the 1970s and 80s. Pakistan did it for while under Imran Khan, when we were playing. Australia have done that in the 1990s,” explained Akram.

England, who beat India 4-0 at home in August-September 2011, are now trailing Pakistan 2-0 in the three-Test series in the UAE. Akram feels it's a great time for the Pakistan team.

“I am proud of Pakistan. After going through a lot of trouble and being slammed by the media, they are back to their winning ways. I always believed that Pakistan have the talent and the ability and now they have answered the British media, who were overtly critical of them.”

England are in danger of losing the top ICC Test spot if they lose the third match as well against Pakistan. After their 4-0 whitewash, India have already dropped a place to third behind South Africa. Akram though doesn't believe in the numbers game.

Meanwhile, Akram endorsed Gautam Gambhir's statement that India should make “turners” when hosting teams like England and Australia.