LAHORE – A 23-year-old female motorcyclist was crushed to death by a tractor-trolley on Monday. She was on her routine visit to a graveyard to offer dua for her parents. Eyewitnesses said Aneeba Ismail died on the spot, shortly after the tractor-trolley bumped into her two-wheeler near Mint Gate, on the GT Road.

Passers-by, especially women, were seen in ponds of tears as they the saw the girl lying in a pool of blood alongside her motorbike. She was a resident of Ferozepura. The driver managed to flee. The family told the police that Aneeba used to visit the graves of her mother and father frequently as she had an exceptional emotional attachment with them. Later the body was handed over to Naveed Shahzad, the maternal-uncle of the deceased as he refused to initiate any legal action against the tractor driver.

Two murdered:  A 30-year-old man was found slaughtered from a factory, where he has been working as a machine mechanic here in Baghbanpura area, police said on Monday. Police said that the man, later identified as Muhammad Sadiq, a resident of Mansehra district, was lying dead in a pool of blood inside a factory situated in Amir Town.

On early Monday, the factory workers spotted the dead body and contacted the police by phone. Police said that unidentified killers slaughtered the man with a sharp edge weapon and fled away from the crime scene.

In another incident, unidentified gunmen shot dead a 30-year-old man in Iqbal Town and fled away. The man, with multiple bullet wounds to his chest, was lying dead at a road.