BHAKKAR - Iodine deficiency is decreasing rapidly from all over the Pakistan due to regular use of iodized salt, said the Executive District Officer (health) of Bhakkar said.

During a refresher training of sanitary & food inspectors, he stressed the need for providing adequately iodized salt at market level so that iodine deficiency level could be brought to zero.

The Iodine Program district focal person said that this was due to coordination of Micronutrient Initiative that they could succeed to eliminate the Iodine Deficiency in a considerable limit. He also put the reference of National Nutrition Survey Results of 2011 which shows that the usage of iodized salt increased from 17 to 69pc. Thus, he added, iodine deficiency in mothers had decreased from 36.7pc to 3.9pc and in children 23.4pc to 2.1pc. 

The Coordinator from Micronutrient Initiative Pakistan also addressed the participants and hoped that the department of health will play its role to ensure 100% provision of adequately iodized salt at market level.