A cartoon in the Nation shows Asfandyar Wali Khan shouting for all to hear, ‘Kalabagh dam is a dead horse’. I wonder if he realises that the right bank canal at Kalabgh dam is the only major link that his province can have with the Indus river, without which KP will not get any water from any dam on the Indus, be it Tarbela, Bhasha, Akhori, Skardu or Katzara. The Chashma right bank canal will irrigate only a small part of the 8 lakh acres in D I Khan. While water from the right bank canal at Kalabagh dam will be available by gravity flow at Rs 400 per acre per annum, the water pumped from Chashma barrage will cost Rs 5000 per acre per annum. Someone should tell Asfandyar Wali Khan to wake up before it is too late. KP cannot depend only on the Kabul river and its tributaries for all times to come.


Lahore, January 29.