ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court Monday allowed another two months to the judicial commission probing the memorandum scam to complete its task and permitted Husain Haqqani to go abroad.A nine-member bench hearing different petitions on the matter also dismissed a plea from Mansoor Ijaz seeking court direction to the commission for recording his statement outside Pakistan, saying it was up to the worthy judges of the commission to take any such decision.Just days before Ijaz  the writer of the memo and the key witness in the case  poured water on the fire when he declared his inability to depose inside Pakistan, citing unsatisfactory security arrangements and claiming that major players – PPP government, Pakistan Army and the US have struck a deal and decided to throw the case into cold storage.Extension of the mandated time of the commission and permission to former Pakistani ambassador to the United States to undertake foreign trips on the assurance of his counsel Asma Jahangir was yet another indication that the high-profile scam, which has been seen for past couple of moths as having potential to bring down Gilani-Zardari regime, was losing steam. The bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, stated: “In the interest of justice, we extend the time for completion of the proceedings for a period of two months commencing from the passing of this order.” The chief justice said Mansoor Ijaz has written a secrete letter wherein he has disclosed certain information, “but we are not aware of its authenticity”.Former president of Supreme Court Bar Association and counsel for Mr Haqqani, Asma Jehangir assured the court whenever his attendance is required the ex-envoy would appear before the commission on four days’ notice. The Supreme Court in its orders  on December 1 and 30, 2011  had directed Haqqani not to leave the country without prior permission of the court.In her application Asma had stated: “Husain Haqqani has fully cooperated with the commission and will continue to do so and also undertakes to return to Pakistan any time on four days’ notice to join the proceedings, if and when required to do so by the commission, therefore, the condition placed upon him of not leaving the country be withdrawn and he be allowed to join his family abroad.”The court however asked the learned counsel to provide her clients’ full particulars to the SC Registrar and said the ex-envoy will be bound to return back on four days’ notice if his attendance is required by the commission or by this court.The court dismissed Akram Sheikh’s application seeking court’s order to the commission to record the statement of Mansoor Ijaz abroad, stating that his life in Pakistan would be unsafe. The chief justice said it was upto the commission to grant such permission and they would not interfere in its functions as three honourable judges of the High Courts are probing the matter.The commission constituted to probe into the origin, authenticity and purpose of the alleged memo had submitted a request through its secretary for extending the time. Attorney General Maulvi Anwarul Haq, appearing on behalf of Chief of Army Staff, ISI DG and ministries of cabinet, defence, foreign affairs, interior and law, briefed the court about the proceedings so far undertaken by the commission. It was informed that Mansoor Ijaz has not appeared before the commission despite repeated notices therefore more time is required to complete the probe. Husain Haqqani’s counsel also did not object to it.However, Barrister Zafarullah Khan stated that in absence of Mansoor Ijaz’s statement, the statement of ISI DG, who has already given his affidavit, be recorded.The chief justice said Ijaz has written a secrete letter wherein he has disclosed certain information, but said the court was not aware of its authenticity. The CJ said it is a cardinal principle of law that whenever a person claims confidentiality or requests the court to treat any document as confidential or classified, the court may go through it, but its status to be treated as confidential or classified document has to be decided according to law.He said as Mansoor Ijaz has engaged a counsel, “we would have appreciated if he had sent such a document to the court through his counsel”. “Be that as it may, at this stage, we would not be considering this document for any purpose, but the same would be kept in a sealed cover under lock by the SC registrar.” Asma Jahangir said the basis of this case is transparency. She remarked that Article 19A talks about the access to information.Shahid Orakzai, who has also filed a petition regarding the matter, appearing in person, stated he has raised a different question in his application, which has not been taken up in the petitions already entertained. The court issued notice to the respondents to file comments before the next date of hearing.Monitoring Desk adds: Pakistan’s former ambassador to US Husain Haqqani is likely to travel to Abu Dhabi later on Monday night, private TV channels reported. According to TV reports, Hussain is expected fo travel to Dubai first.