RAHIM YAR KHAN - An eight-year-old minor was sodomised by his neighbour and his friends here in Kotla Ray Gabool, a suburban village the other day.

As per detail, Sajjad Ahmed, father of eight-year-old Imtiaz, resident of Kotla Ray Gabool near Rahim Yar Khan told the media that his minor son was going to market to buy grocery when Dilshad and his two unknown accomplices took him to the nearby fields where they sodomised him. He said that the culprit left the minor unconscious and fled away from the scene. A local who introduced himself as Raza narrated, “When I felt that somebody was crying in the field and i reached near him. I was astonished to see that Imtiaz was crying and his condition was very critical and he was laying down in the fields and cannot walk, after that I call his father.” His father reached the spot and both of us took him to the rural Health Centre Rukanpur. An RHC doctor namely Tariq told that when they received Imtiaz, his condition was very critical. They kept him under severe observation and did their best to stabilise his condition. The doctor confirmed that the child was sodomised. Rukanpur Police Investigation Officer Shah Nawaz told the “The Nation” that the police registered an FIR 377/12 against Dilshad and his accomplices. He informed the police arrested the main accused Dilshad while his other accomplices would be arrested soon. The officer also confirmed that according to the MLC report, the minor had been assaulted sexually.