LAHORE – Two more PIC-affected patients lost their lives in hospital;s of the City, taking the death toll to 112 on Monday. According to details, Rahat, 60, and Yaseen, 75, breathed their last at Service Hospital Lahore.

In a related development, the Pakistan Medical Association office bearers during a press conference have declared the lapse in the quality control was the main reason for the deaths of the patients as a result of the drugs reaction of PIC, Lahore and said that the government’s policy of purchasing the medicine at lowest rates and of lowest quality was the main reason of the crises.

The PMA leaders, Prof. Dr. M. Ashraf Nizami, Dr. M. Tanveer Anwar, Dr. Izhar Ahmed, Dr. Ihsan ur Rehman, Dr. Shahid Malik, Dr. Yasmin Ehsan and others said that at this difficult part of the time the federal and provincial governments were both blaming each other for the crises. They said that the health department, which was being run with the DMG officers, was a technical department and the bureaucracy has failed to run the department.

They demanded of the Chief Minister to hand over the health department to the doctors to run it as the bureaucrats use to visit the department as visitors to rule and governed the doctors and were not interest in the affairs of the health department. They demanded of the federal and provincial governments to established a drug regulatory authority under the 18th amendment, stop the victimization of the doctors, upgrade and restructure the drug testing lab, abolish autonomous institution act 2003 and the autonomy and do all appoints in all medical institutions on the basis of seniority cum fitness and remove all juniors from the seats.

Meanwhile, Young Doctors Association (YDA) negotiations with the Punjab government called off its strike against suspension and transfer of senior doctors because of their alleged involvement in PIC spurious drugs issue. The Punjab chapter of Young Doctors Association has withdrawn its strike call early Monday after the FIA released Punjab Institute of Cardiology medical superintendent Dr Saleem Jafar. The FIA had arrested the PIC MS on Sunday from Jail Road for interrogation in the wake of drugs reaction scandal which claimed lives of over one hundred patients.

All the doctors joined their duties on Monday as routine when the YDA leaders informed them about the release of PIC MS Dr Jaffar Saleem through text messages and calls.The YDA representatives, however, said that both the provincial and federal governments could take departmental actions against the responsible doctors and administration officials of the PIC or any other institutions on finding negligence in the complete process of inquiries. Moreover, according to the spokesman of Health Department, 10 patients affected by reaction of PIC medicines have recovered and discharged from various hospitals during the last 24 hours thus raising the total number of recovered patients to 325 which included 35 patients from Jinnah Hospital, 231 from Services Hospital, four from LGH, 23 from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and 30 from Mayo Hospital.

The report said that 386 patients are still admitted.