LAHORE - Blaming Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif for 114 deaths of heart patients as a result of ‘spurious drugs’, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, Khurshid Shah on Monday demanded his resignation, saying that he should himself accept the responsibility instead of issuing suspension orders of officers. Talking to media at a seminar on Polio Awareness drive arranged by Ministry of Religious Affairs, he said former Federal Minister Hamid Saeed Kazmi and former Ambassador Hussain Haqqani had set precedents of tendering resignations on mere allegations and Shahbaz Sharif should also follow suit. He said Punjab government did not pay heed to improve health care system in the province despite 350 deaths earlier caused by dengue fever. He said Punjab government boasted of good governance in the province but there was hardly anything on the ground.‘How could there be good governance when CM is keeping 20 important portfolios with himself’, he asked, adding, that it was humanly impossible to look after 20 departments. To a question, he said that Federal budget would be presented in May this year and the general elections could be held any time after the budget in consultation with all political parties. Responding to another question, Khurshid Shah said that PPP would not become a party to the Asghar Khan’s petition as it had forgotten all cases against PML-N leaders after signing of CoD. He complained that despite declaring NRO cases as fake, the PML-N leaders had been active in pursuing these cases in courts. To a question about Masoor Ejaz, he said that country’s courts were not ‘mobile’ to record his statement abroad. According to him, memo scam lost its vitality in the very beginning and now it was up to the court to take some decision. He said that Mian Nawaz Sharif was repenting his mistake of taking the memo issue to the court as he was not actively pursuing the case as before.