LAHORE - Punjab Sports Festival 2012 is in full swing and on the eight day, a number of sports events were decided at various venues across the province on Monday.

In Lahore Model Town, Union council 147, Zeeshan XI beat Tayyab XI by 25 runs in a cricket. In Union council 129, Kashif XI beat Shafiq XI by 40 runs.

In Union council 74, Abdullah Butt XI defeated Agha Khan XI. In Union council 72, Nadeem Rasheed beat Bilawal, in Union council 68, Shooba XI beat Azam XI by 12 runs while Sheikh Faisal XI beat Asad XI.

In Union council 109, the badminton tournaments were held in which Sadaqat beat Wasif whereas Fiaz Ali defeated M Naeem. In Cantt/Shalamar, Union council 53, Minhala XI got victorious over Husnain XI 4-1. In Union council 52 and 53, Akhtar XI defeated Maqsood XI by 25-15, 25-13.

In badminton, 12 players participated in six matches while in Union council 52, Sadaam Hussain scored 15, Ghulam Mustafa 14 and Ghulam Mujdad attained 16 scores. In Lahore city, in Union council 10 Khuram beat Usman in cricket tapeball match while Sohail was defeated by Khuram, In Union council 74, Abdullah Butt beat Agha Shahzad, In union council 72, Bilawal Rasheed beat Nadeem.

In Faisalabad, 289 union councils participated in all sports events. In badminton 34 union councils participated, 67 union councils participated in cricket, 78 union councils participated in football, 84 union councils participated in hockey and 24 union councils participated in volleyball.

In Jhang, 84 union councils participated in badminton, cricket, football, volleyball, kabaddi and hockey.

In Toba Tek Singh, 82 union councils participated over all. In Chiniot, 44 union councils participated in badminton, cricket, hockey, volleyball and kabaddi.

In Rawalpindi, 150 union councils participated in badminton, cricket tape ball, football, volleyball and kabaddi.