MULTAN -Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Ameer Syed Munawar Hassan suggested to the government on Monday to resign and declare new polls in the country.

Addressing a news conference here at the residence of a local JI office-bearer Ch Abdul Razzaq Bandesha, he demanded establishment of an interim government of national consensus with the representation of all religious and political parties, an independent election commission and preparations of free of bogus votes electoral rolls. “If the elections are announced without above mentioned reforms, the nation will reject these polls,” he warned.

Referring to Balochistan, he said that the province had turned into a volcano but the rulers were no more in a mood to consider this issue seriously. He said that the rulers still tried to sooth Balochs like kids by offering them the lollypop of packages. “But I am afraid this strategy will not work anymore,” he anticipated.

He said that PPP came into power by making a promise with the masses that it would end Musharraf’s policies and form new internal and foreign policies with the consultation of all parties. “But the government has not fulfilled even a single promise. Musharraf’s pro-US policies still go on while Sindh is handed over to terrorists in the name of reconciliation,” he maintained. He alleged that Karachi target killing was going on under state patronage and PPP, MQM and ANP were equally responsible for the lawlessness in this town. He said that the so-called four-year democratic era of PPP and her allies was filled with failures. “Neither did this period strengthen democracy in the country nor get independence to the parliament,” he maintained. He said that the government made fun of judiciary, destroyed national institutions like PIA, Railway and Pakistan Steel. “What kind of democracy is this in which supreme court’s verdicts and parliament’s resolutions are scrapped?” he posed a question. He said that the rulers forgot all the promises they had made with the masses as a result of which prices registered horrible hike and people committed suicides.

He said that the JI launched a mass contact campaign while it was also in contact with other religious and political parties. “However, the situation of any electoral alliance will become clear after senate elections,” he added. He asserted that no political party could steer the country out of prevailing crisis alone and it would have to go for alliance. Citing an example, he said that despite coming into power Zardari could not rule the country without Nawaz Sharif’s help. He alleged that Nawaz Sharif provided opportunity to Gilani and his cabinet to play with the lives of masses and loot the country.

He reiterated that the JI would besiege the parliament the same day if any one presented resolution for resuming Nato supply. He said that the JI was the first party that announced to cut off all supply routes in case of resumption of Nato supply but now it was joined by Difa-e-Pakistan Council. He said that declaring India the most favourite nation was tantamount to rubbing salt to the wounds of Kashmiris. 

He alleged that people were being kidnapped from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and given to Americans against dollars by the government. He also criticized Punjab Government and said that nothing like good governance existed in the province. “It’s no more than a one man show,” he added.