An eight-year-old British schoolgirl has become an internet sensation because of her astounding skills with the electric guitar. Zoe Thomson’s guitar playing has impressed music fans across the world, reports the Daily Telegraph. Her latest clip, which has attracted more than 2.1 million hits on YouTube, features her playing along to a track by Finnish symphonic metal band Stratovarius. Zoe, from Thatcham, Berkshire, makes the speedy fretwork look effortless as she moves her fingers along to the tune, called Stratosphere.

She plays in a child group called Mini Band which catapulted to fame last year with a cover of Metallica’s Enter Sandman. Earlier this month, Zoe was signed up to the guitar company Daisy Rock’s artist roster. Her mother Collette said: “Zoe is really excited; she is overjoyed. For someone of her age to get an endorsement is a massive achievement.” –DT