ISLAMABAD - Former Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister and Pakistan People’s Party central leader Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry said on Monday that German people and members of German Parliament could better understand the stance of Kashmiri people than other European nations, as they have experienced division of families because of Berlin Wall.Talking to members of German Parliament, Ernst Reinhard Beck and Michael Gahler and German member of European Parliament, Matthias Koch, here at his residence, he said the Kashmiri families had been divided because of the Line of Control (LoC). Hence, the Germans, Sultan said, could feel the pain and understand the tragedy faced by divided Kashmiri families. Sultan Mehmood informed the German delegation that time had come for Germany to raise its voice in the international community and the European Union in favour of Kashmir issue to help address it and stop the grave human rights violation in the occupied valley. He pointed out that 2,800 unidentified graves found in held valley spoke volume of THE miseries and human right violations being faced by Kashmiris. Chaudhry also briefed the delegation about his recent visit to Srinagar and informed that Kashmiris wanted freedom and would continue their struggle despite Indian subjugation and suppression.He urged Germany to designate its representatives on Kashmir and send a fact-finding mission on both sides of Kashmir. He demanded that representation of Kashmiris must be ensured in Pak-India dialogue process, as Kashmiris were the main party to the longstanding issue. Mehmood opined that India should be asked to stop human rights violations in order to create conducive atmosphere for talks. The German Parliamentarians expressed concerns over human rights violation and vowed to continue their efforts for maintenance of peace in the region. Sultan Mehmood also extended an invitation to the delegation to visit AJK, which they accepted. The members of the delegation invited Barrister Sultan Mehmood to visit Germany.Deputy Ambassador in the German Embassy, Stephen Roken and Country Director of German’s ruling Party Foundation in Pakistan Dr Babak Khalabatri and officials of German Embassy were also present on the occasion.