RAJANPUR - Among those patients, who received suspected drugs from the Punjab Institute of Cardiology, at least six belonged to Rajanpur:

Of these six patients, Mohammad Ramzan, son of Umar Wada, a resident of Jampur; Ghuam Akbar, son of Ghualm Shabir, a resident of Jampur; Ghulam Nazik, son of Ghulam Rasul, a resident of Jampur, and Khadim Hussain, son of Ghulam Nabi, a resident of Kotla Mughlan, were contacted by the administration and the medicine was recovered from them. Nevertheless, two patients from Haji Pur could not be contacted due to their vague address and wrong landline and cellphone numbers. The administration is trying to contact them, AC Jampur Wahid Arjman Zia told the media.