No sane mind can deny the fact that Pakistan is a multilingual, multi-ethnic and multicultural society. Democracy calls for unity but also respects the diversity. The divisions prevailing in our society can be addressed only through democracy. I am very optimistic about the future of democracy in our country. The reasons why I am optimistic are given bellow.

We have a population which contains 60 percent youth that can't be ruled without its will. This youth will protect democracy in our country. We have a vibrant media which will support democracy to protect its own freedom. We have an independent judiciary which has already said 'no' to a dictator. We have such a geopolitical position that our neighbours and world powers can't afford dictatorship in our country. Both the major political parties of the country have already faced the music due to their misdeeds so it is expected that they will not support any dictatorship in future. Although the bad performance of political powers discouraged the nation, yet the 'slogan of change' succeeded to motivate the youth which wants to end the dynastic politics in this nation state. Beside the above mentioned favorable factors, it is an acknowledged fact that bad governance, failing economy, the specter of conflict among state institutions, the polarisation of society on ethic and religious basic and poor human rights situation are the big factors that will pave the way for next dictatorship. If we want democracy to flourish in our country, we have to address these challenges. For this, every individual should condemn the dynastic politics which is the main reason of bad governance and nepotism. Political parties themselves should introduce democratic reforms in their internal structure.

Government, along with opposition, should pass a bill in favour of elections inside the political parties and it will be good if it is banned to be the president of a political party for more than three terms. The political leaders should do their utmost to give better performance for gaining the whole-hearted support of the masses. Before doing anything illegal, we should keep in mind that this country has no option other than democracy.


Lahore, January 25.