ISLAMABAD (PR) - The British Council with partner organisations held a policy dialogue on the future of schools in Pakistan.
Participants discussed various aspects including the constantly evolving world today. It was stressed that if our teaching system does not become aligned with the 21st century practices soon then our future generations will also suffer when it comes to jobs and academia. There was a stress that young people should be encouraged to take up teaching as they can bring new energy and ideas to better prepare our schools for 21st century challenges. The policy dialogue - 21st century schools was aimed at bringing all stake holders under one roof and share best practices and highlight the challenges being faced across Pakistan. Experts in the filed spoke extensively on the state of education in Pakistan and shared innovative ideas for bringing about a change. Former State Bank Governor, Dr Ishrat Hussain talked about the need of quality education at school level as it is this early foundation which has a huge impact on the child’s professional and academic future.