For crime and terrorism to flourish, as profitable business venture, it requires an environment in which applicability of law and prosecution of criminals become slave to whims of individuals, groups or politicians. Karachi, the financial hub of Pakistan is victim of greed and turf wars, where organized crime has unofficially been accepted as a political issue to be settled through compromises or ‘Politics of Ifham aur Tafheem,’ instead of a crime under law. Writ of State is not only challenged by TTP, but all those who openly defy laws through threats and use of violence. Any state which tolerates or allows any group to defy its writ, through calls for shutdowns simply because legitimately armed security institutions, carry out raids to apprehend criminals, is a nation which qualifies for semi failed status.

CPLC, a non-political organization, created to assist citizens of Karachi, for better liaison with police, has become controversial ever since Ahmed Chinoy, with his known political links headed it. Numerous judgments by Superior Judiciary, JIT etc have established that major political parties of Karachi are involved in what has become a multi billion rupee. criminal tax free industry, running target killings, land and drug mafia, kidnapping for ransom etc. Although UN charter prohibits all signatory nations from being involved directly in paying ransom to kidnappers and pirates, involved in hijacking of ships or aircraft, CPLC chief Ahmed Chinoy was involved in negotiations conducted at Dubai in March 2012 with Somali pirates, who had hijacked Dubai registered Malaysian owned ship MV ALBIDO, along with another public office holder, affiliated with a political party. These are serious allegation made by Malaysian ship owner, which are available on YouTube and Pakistan cannot afford any such controversies.


Lahore, January 29.