The most discussed topic today in Pakistan is Barak Obama’s visit to India. The people are looking at this visit anxiously, as it is important to us that a super power is strengthening its ties with our sworn enemy. But we should understand the fact that Pakistan and USA has never been natural allies, from 1950’s to 2001, USA and Pakistan came closer due to vested interests of USA. From the times of the cold war to the war against terrorism, USA and Pakistan have been partners with very low trust. The question of ‘do more’ always remains there. On the other side of the picture the COAS is visiting China. It depicts that Pakistan has learned from its mistakes and the strategic scholars of Pakistan are also recognizing the fact that the region’s power paradigm is about to change.

USA is inclined towards India because it wants to contain China. It will not be easy for USA to make India a permanent member in the Security Council as this cannot be done without China’ vote. Though USA accepts that Pakistan plays a pivotal role in Afghanistan, India has tried its level best to take part in Afghanistan, but the newly elected president of Afghanistan has given more importance to Pakistan. Now it is essential for our politicians to understand things as they stand. At the moment the establishment is doing the politicians work but it is important to have a Foreign Ministry and a Foreign Office.


Lahore, January 27.