Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Deputy Secretary General Rashid Naseem disclosed on Friday that his party was going to launch a 10-day mass contact drive between February 20 and March 1 to translate its slogans into reality.

Addressing a news conference here on Friday, he said that the JI had raised the slogan of an Islamic and prosperous Pakistan during its recent public meeting at Minar-e-Pakistan and 10-day campaign was being launched to turn the slogan into reality. He further declared that the JI would mark the firth week of February as Kashmir Solidarity Week to highlight Indian oppression and plight of Kashmiris. He categorically declared that peace in the region was subjected to the resolution of Kashmir dispute, adding that Indo-Pak ties could not improve until the Kashmir issue was resolved in light of aspirations of Kashmiris.

He lashed out at the government and said that the 20-month performance of the rulers was a shameful tale of complete failure. “The country is faced with petrol, gas, electricity, unemployment and lawlessness crises. These problems have taken place because of rulers’ corruption,” he alleged.

Referring to the publication of sacrilegious sketches, has said that love and respect for the Holy Prophet (SAWW) is integral part of every Muslim’s faith and the Muslims will keep chasing the terrorists, who committed blasphemy, till last breath. He added that the sentiments of 1.5 billion Muslims were hurt in the name of freedom of expression, but the flag bearers of democracy and human rights still sided with the publishers. He demanded the rulers of Muslim states to convene a meeting of OIC and chalk out a joint line of action against those committing blasphemy. He lamented that common Muslims protested against the sketches world over but the rulers of Muslim states played the role of agents of the West.

To a query, he said that the lawyers, clerics and political parties had reservations on 21st amendment. “This amendment has created two kinds of terrorists; good and bad. Religious schools are being defamed under the shelter of this amendment. The government must clear these reservations,” he demanded.  He said that the Peshawar tragedy was highly condemnable and the principal of the APC should be given Nishan-e-Haider. He suggested that the 2015 should be declared the year of peace.

He asked the government to deal with the terrorists evenly irrespective of their affiliations. “Whether they’re students of any seminary or university or workers of any religious party or political party, they all should be punished equally,” he asserted. Citing an example, he said that a terrorist from Karachi had been convicted and the president had rejected his mercy appeal but the government was reluctant to hang him because of his affiliation with a certain party. Answering a question, he said that Altaf Hussain’s drama to quit party leadership had become old and now entire nation knew about its reality. He told the journalists that the Ameer JI Sirajul Haq was not going to contest national assembly election.

BZU RESULTS: The Bahauddin Zakariya University declared on Friday the results of MSc Psychology Part-1 & 11, Supplementary 2013 & Annual Examination, 2013 and MA Islamic Studies Part-1 & 11, Supplementary 2013 & Annual Examination, 2013.

MSc Psychology Part-1 & 11, Supplementary 2013 & Annual Examination, 2013

According to the result notification, a total of 261 candidates appeared in the MSc Psychology Part-1 & 11, Supplementary 2013 & Annual Examination, 2013 out of which 209 were declared successful while 33 failed. The result of 19 candidates will be declared later on. The overall success ratio in this examination stood at 80.08 per cent. As many as 135 students passed the examination in first division and 74 second.

MA Islamic Studies Part-1 & 11, Supplementary 2013 & Annual Examination, 2013

Similarly, as many as 2052 candidates took MA Islamic Studies Part-1 & 11, Supplementary 2013 & Annual Examination, 2013 examination and 1413 got through. A total of 590 candidates failed to qualify the examination. Thus the overall pass percentage in this examination stood at 68.86 per cent.