Ameen:     If I hear the words “judicial inquiry” one more time, I’m going to break something.

Sadiq:     What is it this time?

Ameen:     The Prime Minister has “ordered” another judicial inquiry. This time into the murder of the MQM worker’s killing. Does the man have no shame? How many times is he going to use the same trick-word to appease the country? Remember Model Town? Remember what came out of that judicial commission? A commission to probe the deaths of people on the streets of Lahore? Let me tell you what came out of it: nothing.

Sadiq:     Yeah, it’s frustrating. But if done right, judicial commissions are a pretty decent way to go about finding suspects and getting convictions.

Ameen:     The government has for all intents and purposes, declared that the civilian justice system is inept. Our legal system has been compromised; we now have military courts trying even non-terror related cases it would seem. After shooting his own judiciary in the foot, the PM Sahib still insists on the judicial commission jargon. It’s so empty, the intention is so transparent and flawed. It makes my blood boil.

Sadiq:     And what would you have to say, I wonder, about Shoaib Sarwar’s execution. If I remember correctly, you didn’t have too many qualms about the death penalty meted out by this very same inept legal system. We all go round and round in circles, Ameen. All of us stay true to the theories we grew up believing. We’re blind to other options. I’m sure you can sympathise with the PM on this one.