islamabad - The official website of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police does not contain updated information in the sections of its press release, police station maps, contacts and crime statistics.

The Article 19-A of the Constitution says that every citizen shall have the right to access to information in all matters of public importance, subject to regulation and reasonable restrictions imposed by law and it was inserted through 18th Amendment in 2010.

On visiting the website, one comes to know that it is not properly updated as it does not have appropriate information in the sections of its press release, contacts, police station maps and crime statistics.

The crime statistics show the figure of criminal incidents committed in 2014 and 2013 while the maps of five police stations are also missing. The section of press release is also not properly updated and last press release was updated a week ago on January 20.

The icon of `Martyrs’ does not have complete details and names of martyred cops especially of Islamabad Traffic Police are missing.

The details of religious seminaries have been given in icon `Islamabad at Glance’.

Astonishingly, not even a single mobile number of officials of this friendly force has been mentioned at this website to whom citizens can contact in case of any urgency or mishap.

The `Gallery’ even does not have a single photo of incumbent police officials as the pictures of former police officials are displayed there.

Though it has details about the incumbent police officials along with their designation but no profiles of Islamabad police bosses have been maintained.