LAHORE - Paper Miracles organized a fundraising fashion show “Colors of Pakistan” in collaboration with Alhamra Arts council on Saturday here, said spokesman for the Council.

He said that the purpose of the event was to support and raise fund for the marginalized women, including paraplegic survivors of the 2005 earthquake.

Influential dignitaries, including ambassadors from Austria, Argentina, Bosnia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Japan, The Netherlands and many other diplomats from France, Turkey, Belgium, Poland, UK and US showed up at the event.

An amazing musical performance was on aired by Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Inomata and Bosnian ambassador Dr Nadim on the Pakistani national song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan”.

Paper Miracles ( is a social enterprise. It has a wide range of exclusive handmade jewelry and home textile items which uses paper beads made from recycled paper. It is an innovative project. Its mission is to positively impact the lives of marginalized women as a self-sustaining social enterprise, specializing in distinct jewelry made from recycled paper products made by the artisans. Paper Miracles promotes sustainable income generation and development, as a foundation for women to have the means to foster greater independence and the confidence to champion themselves.