As the ruling PML-N faced defeat here in the Lodhran by-election, all the development projects here have been shelved.

Earlier, the PML-N leaders made promises and took interest in the construction of roads, maintenance of streets and roads along with cleanliness. As soon as the elections concluded, they left incomplete the projects started during electioneering. Sweepers responsible for cleaning the streets regularly cleaned the roads and streets but since the elections concluded, no cleaning has been done in the streets thus piles of garbage can be seen everywhere. Development work in areas like Faizabad Basti, Quaidabad, Kodaywala, Super Chowk, Basti Esa and other places had been started by the government before the by-election but after the election, it cancelled the contracts. Thus, they left the roads incomplete causing many problems for the public.PML-N leader Hamza Shahbaz’s claims and promises he made during their public gatherings in Lodhran have proved to be false, local people said. Lodhran public has clearly memorised the face of their candidates because they did politics without providing facilities in Lodhran.The people of Lodhran were misled as they were shown dreams of beautiful streets and roads besides other facilities. Diseases are spreading because of the heaps of garbage. The people demanded that the government should ensure welfare of the people by spending funds for the purpose.