Lawyers here have rejected the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) decision regarding increase in the duration of LLB course from three to five years. In a gathering at District Bar Room, Naveed Kaddar Advocate who works as a lecturer at local law college, said banning evening classes and limiting admission to law colleges to 100 students amounts to depriving students of their right to education. The main plea taken by the PBC that standard of legal education of newly enrolled lawyers is poor. It is duty of bar councils to arrange entry test for lawyers before inducting them in legal profession and those who do not qualify the test should be refused bar membership, he said.

A former district and sessions judge said increase in the duration of LLB program to five years will place extra financial burden on parents. Besides, it will be waste of time, he added. About the standard of knowledge, he said, senior advocates practicing in apex judiciary has also not proved quality of justice for the public. He said just increasing duration of LLB course will not improve efficiency of lawyers, rather it should be decreased to two years as it was in the past. He said most of senior lawyers and judges attended two years course and their performance is satisfactory. It is better for bars leaders to cancel membership of un-practicing lawyers who run their private business and appear only on election days to cast their votes, he said.

GAS CRISIS CONTINUES: Low gas pressure continues to vex citizens of Mandi Bahauddin district while the domestic consumers are the worse hit by problem for the last two months.The gas pressure has been very low while many citizens’ complaints filed with the gas company have not been responded. Housewives are badly affected as they have started cooking food by using woods as fuel. Price of woods is also beyond their capacity as it is very expensive, they said. Meanwhile, local traders and the members of civil society have decided in a meeting to hold a protest rally in case the gas company did not ensure full gas pressure. Some of the citizens said claims of setting economy on right direction and similar other boasts of rulers have not benefitted the common man so far.

They said they demand action from the government to at least provide them with basic necessities of life like gas, electricity, protection to their life and property and justice. Only economy of rulers and their cronies is improving whereas the poor are going from bad to worse, they complained.