Ho Mann Jahan hit box office on 1st January 2016 which turned out to be the first superhit movie of the year 2016 for Pakistani cinema.



Mahira Khan as Manizeh

A strong independent girl with high self esteem, born to an artist mother who had clashes with her husband which ultimately led to their divorce/separation.

Adeel Hussain as Nadir

 A man who is privileged enough to afford all the luxuries of life, but lacks his self will. He is much under too much parental emotional and blackmail such that his life became miserable eventually.

Sheheryar Munawar as Arhan

A man passionate about music, less privileged but focused towards his interests.

• Sonya Jehan as Sabina

• Bushra Ansari as Nadir's mother

• Arshad Mahmud

• Nimra Bucha as Shahida

• Jamal Shah as Manizeh's father

• Ahmed Ali Akbar

• Fawad Afzal Khan (cameo appearance) as Rafael

• Hamza Ali Abbasi (cameo appearance)

• Syra Yousuf (cameo appearance) in the "Shakar Wandaan" Song

• Bilal Maqsood (cameo appearance)

• Faisal Kapadia (cameo appearance)

• Zoheb Hassan (cameo appearance)

• Ali Zia Naqvi (cameo appearance)

• Syed Faizan Ali (cameo appearance)


The screenplay was written by Rashna Abdi, Imtisal Abbasi and Asim Raza.

It is an overall a good effort towards the uplift of Pakistani cinema.


Most of the movie was shot in Karachi. Cultural depiction did come out in the movie. When we see an Indian movie we become familiar with India. Cinema is a tool for a country’s promotion and I feel good about our movies being shot in our very own country rather than any foreign land.


All the actors performed very well. The legendary actress Bushra Ansari played the role of a typical Pakistani mother. Her expressions, her dialogues put life to the character of Nadir’s mother. I believe no one else could have done justice to that role if not her.

Mahira Khan – flawless acting; the role suits her personality

For Adeel Hussain and Shryar Munawwar it would be apt to say – yes they deserve to be applauded!

Sonia Jahan - she is a fine actress but at some places her role was a bit vague.


Before the release of the movie colorful dresses and beautiful lehngas, graceful men’s wear are one of the main ways to attract the viewers in our region.

The movie had a fine and vibrant collection of dresses. Out of which the best were clothes wore by everyone in Shakkar Wandaan.


There were a total of ten songs, which were overall good. But I believe too many songs in the movie drag it and sitting for long in the cinema becomes boring at times when the story is predictable.

Out of all these songs Shakkar Wandaan Re is my favourite.

This song gave the movie quite a lot of publicity through Facebook and dubsmashes not only in Pakistan but across the border.


The story was too predictable. It was like watching a drama on Hum TV in one go. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything new or unique. But coming from a cinema like ours, which is still improving, it was a ‘not bad’ experience. It could have been better.

Some punches in between were good. Nadir proposing Munazza on a road was quite cute.


The movie was entertaining till the interval but afterwards it got prolonged and things kept dragging and dragging. I remember people got disinterested in the movie somewhere in between because the story got predictable.


Pakistan is full of talent. Versatility is something we are loaded with, but our directors must learn the difference between a serial and a movie.

Movie had a good lesson for parents to let their children choose the career line they want to opt rather than compelling them to fulfill their dreams and live a life they never wished for.

Similarly it gives youth a lesson to understand their parents and their struggle to make a living for them.

Overall content was good but as I said previously innovation is the need of the hour.

If we want to keep pace with Hollywood or Bollywood we need to strive more to achieve that level.