ISLAMABAD - Railway Carriage Factory, Islamabad (RCFI) has the capacity to produce 120 coaches annually.

During last two years, 225 passenger coaches were produced by the factory, said an official of Pakistan Railways.

During 2013-14, the factory had rehabilitated and repaired 132 coaches while during 2014-15 it had rehabilitated around 93 coaches.

To a question he said that government has taken various steps to improve the efficiency of Railway Carriage Factory, Islamabad.

He said that un-interrupted arrangement of funds is being made for timely completion of the ongoing projects.

Pakistan Railways has brought a paradigm shift in the policy of the procurement of rolling stock.

In future bulk of rolling stock will be manufactured locally in Pakistan Railway's own manufacturing works including Carriage Factory, Islamabad.

Accordingly a PC-I, for procurement of 250 coaches is under approval in Planning Commission, out of which 186 coaches will be manufactured in Carriage Factory, Islamabad.

Similarly Pakistan Railways had signed an agreement to purchase 800 harpar wagons from Chinese company China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC).

The total cost of the harpar wagons is Rs 3.92 billion and the CRRC would deliver the wagons within six to 10 months.

The wagons would be utilized for the supply of coal. The wagons would be made empty with in 30 seconds.

To improve efficiency and productivity biometrics attendance system has been introduced in the factory and the shortage of supervisors is being recouped through fresh recruitment and transfer and postings.