The negotiations between All Pakistan Private School Federation (APPSF) and Punjab Education Minister Rana Mashood have been 'conditionally successful', Waqt News reported. “We will open schools tomorrow and Punjab Government has promised to provide the security,” Chairman APPSF told the media.

On the contrary a group within APPSF has refused to open schools on February 1. “The schools will not be opened tomorrow because of government policies,” a member of the group told the media.

Mashood assured security while talking to the media. “All the cases registered against private schools will be withdrawn,” Rana Mashood said.

Earlier today the delegation of APPSF had left the meeting in protest against the policies of Punjab government. The Education Minister however was successful in bringing them back to the table.

On January 24, Punjab government announced to shut down schools all over the province due to severe winter and fog.

Even so, some reports claimed that the schools were shut down due to security threats. Reports suggested that threats had increased after the Bacha Khan University attack, with red alert issued to educational institutions all over the country.