KARACHI - Federal government is covertly moving toward abolishing the national strategic canvas of the country and for that target, the government is making use of all overt and covert tactics to facilitate the blue eyed partners in business of steel import.

The ultimate devastation of country’s indigenous capacity for producing steel and the iron raw material for the local industry by massive retrenchments in Pakistan Steel Mills and finally closing it as strategic national institution by selling it for petty sums of money.

In recent days, a covert meeting was convened in the country’s capital that discussed about measures to throw away the hundreds of daily wagers of the PSM so that the buyer could enjoy the gross return of his petty investment in the PSM.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Sindh General Secretary and Senator Taj Haider said this in a statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh Saturday.

While expressing grave concern over federal government’s stubbornness with regard to riddance of the national strategic institutions, Senator Taj said, the incumbent government was believed to bring improvements in public sector and a boost in employment so that the country and the people should gain the opportunity for strong economy and prosperity respectively. However, the incumbent federal government has proved it is a pro-blue eyed investing partner’s government that has only one agenda and that is to make the country vulnerable to company dominance over national sovereignty.

He said it is a matter of great caution that the federal government is covertly approving for the removal of hundreds of daily wagers, which could affect country’s overall scenario. The rate of unemployment would escalate and the rate of unrest and violence would also rise.

He said that it was a state’s commitment that the initial $400 million investment in the PSM would be furthered. However, the PSM is not the only institution that is facing such a devastating treatment from the federal government but there are others too, especially one another steel mill in EPZ, which is being shut for past half and year as it does not yield any steel produce.

Senator Haider said the people had given their mandate to the PMLN, the ruling party in centre for new job opportunities but it has driven the masses into a dark ally of despair.