The rulers have focused only on strengthening their friendship with India to expand their business and enhance their vested interests. “They (rulers) cannot dare utter a single to Indian government over the issue of Kashmir,” alleged Jamaat-e-Islami Deputy Secretary General Farid Ahmed Paracha.

He was speaking at a meeting of the Jamaat-e-Islami at Jamia Masjid Hamza here in Mohallah Islampura on Saturday.

Mr Paracha pointed out that any meeting with Indian leaders, without having Kashmir issue on its agenda, is mere wastage of time and nothing can be come out of it ever. “We do not need any trade with India as she can never of our well-wisher,” he declared, adding that Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan and only its accession to Pakistan would complete the incomplete agenda.

“It is incumbent upon the entire nation to force the rulers to understand and realise the ground realities,” he emphasised. He urged the masses to observe 5th February as Kashmir Solidarity Day with enthusiasm to send a message of love and brotherhood to the Kashmiris and let the India realise the unflinching bond Pakistanis have with Kashmiris.

“All and sundry should come out of their house on February 5 so that the whole world comes to know that Kashmir is a part of us and we will make it a part of us,” the JI stalwart underlined.

Fareed Paracha claimed that the government does not care for the well-being of general public. Internationally, petroleum product prices are at the lowest ever level but Pakistani public is not being given any relief in the prices of petroleum products, he compared.

He recalled that a week ago it came to know through newspapers that the prices of POL products would be cut by Rs15. But now the government is lowering the POL prices only Rs4-5.

Farid Paracha regretted that PIA and other airlines have not decreased the Umrah fares despite a tangible slash in POL prices which is alarming. He demanded the Prime Minister, the federal petroleum minister and other relevant high-ups to bring the prices of gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products to Rs40 per litre so that inflation and ever increasing prices could be brought under control. Earlier, addressing to workers at condolence reference held in the memory of late JI Kamalia Malik Mohammad Javed, he said that party workers are valuable assets and late Mohammad Javed had rendered invaluable services for both the party and district Toba Tek Singh.

Chief Executive Traders Union M Shafiq Shahid Malik, District Ameer JI Maulana Rahmatullah Shahid, Chaudhry Manzoor Ali and Rana Mohammad Anwar also addressed the condolence meeting.