The patrolling police and traffic police have failed to control immature and untrained rickshaw drivers who are playing with the lives of citizens.

The underage and unlicensed youngsters drive rickshaws recklessly and often run their three-wheelers in different objects and humans which result in serious human injuries or damage to property.

The auto-rickshaws, which are regarded as the cheapest mode of public transport, are stated to be major cause of traffic chaos in the city. In the absence of proper stops, these autos create traffic jam. It has also been noticed that to reduce the cost ferrying, numerous autos are being run on kerosene thereby emitting toxic gases and polluting the environment.

Neither the police nor the auto-rickshaw associations have taken any interest to educate the drivers about the hazards of pollution and to sensitise them about the fatal accidents due to callous driving.

Majority of the rickshaw drivers do not possess driving license and don’t know about the traffic rules. Vested interest of cops as well as auto rickshaw associations are said to be the reason behind this malpractice. The citizens including Asif Jutt, Niamat Beg, Muhammad Naeem and Usman Awan Kasuri have accused the police officials of giving a free hand to such drivers “against handsome bribes.” They appealed to DPO Kasur Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi to interfere and nip the evil practice.