PTI Chief Imran Khan has also weighed in on the case of Muslims being banned in the US and taken a ludicrous stand on the issue. The PTI Chief suggested that he was in favour of extending Trump’s Muslim ban to include Pakistan at a rally in Sahiwal on Sunday. His reasoning was that this would improve the fortunes of the country by ensuring that there was no brain drain. If Pakistanis cannot leave the country, according the Imran Khan, the country can solve all of its problems.

The best (worst) part of the entire debacle is that Mr Khan is blissfully ignorant of the implications of what he said. His suggestion equates Pakistan with countries that are wracked by terrorism to the point of utter collapse, instead of defending Pakistan’s oft-maligned reputation. The diplomatically disastrous statement has also sent ripples of excitement in the Indian media. What generations of Indian governments, diplomats and media houses have attempted to do – isolate Pakistan – is what Imran Khan wants to achieve single-handedly.

This is without even touching on the fact that Mr Khan himself got to travel the world, to play cricket, to go to university, and his sons also live abroad. The rebellious no-fear attitude works wonders on the cricket field or even on the streets as an opposition politician, but might quickly unravel into something detrimental for the country at large if Imran Khan was to be at the helm of affairs in government. While the government and even the PPP is bending over backwards to maintain good diplomatic ties with the US, this leader wants us to burn all bridges and reject all that travelling has to offer Pakistani’s including jobs, education, remittances, trade, scientific and artistic exchange and links to families settled in the US.

In an ironic twist of fate, it seems that Imran Khan’s ‘wish’ might soon come true anyway. The White House has already hinted at the ban being extended to Pakistan, even after the loosely worded and unclear ‘extreme vetting’ had already been announced. A prominent politician advocating that the US ban Pakistani’s just confirms their image of Pakistan being regressive and uncivilised.

Imran Khan has consistently led his supporters to confusion and chaos. The PTI relies on a large support base that lives abroad, and in one fell swoop they have been alienated. Such a lack of tact is maybe why the party might not be ready for a majority in the parliament in the next election.

Donald Trump’s own ascendancy to power and subsequent edicts should serve as a reminder for all who think that voting for a brash and unpredictable ‘non-politician’ (someone who has not always participated in conventional politics) is a smart idea.