Dear Mr. Khan,

I am a very ‘busy’ woman but still taking out time to respond to the stupid statement you passed that “May Trump ban the USA from issuing Pakistani visas”. I am a Pakistani currently in the USA, who has never been vocal about her political opinion but I feel it is my responsibility to let you know how thick and brainless you sounded in your Sahiwal speech.

Sir, I am one of the ‘idiots’ who voted for you in last held election. While my husband offers you the benefit of doubt thinking you don’t realise how sensitive this issue is for Pakistani’s residing in the USA, I have no such sympathies with you and believe, that given you are an important public figure, you should not only think twice, but a million times before making such a statement.

You do not realise how severely this ban has affected those who were traveling or were planning to travel to the USA from one of the targeted Muslim countries. My mother is flying to the USA in next few days (for an extremely important family matter) and the last thing I want to hear is that she might be refused to enter the country after an approximately twenty-plus hour journey. It will be too much for her old bones to handle if, God forbids, she is put on a return flight right after arrival. Sir for your knowledge, when this ban was implemented many families were traveling from the target countries to the USA and they went through this misery that I fear.

Your proposal that such a ban will force the bright Pakistanis to return and will help Pakistan’s economy to flourish is HIGHLY flawed.

a) Those Pakistanis might just go to the UK (where your children are at the moment) or another developed country rather than returning to Pakistan.

b) Even if, because of your dictatorial solution thousands or possibly millions of Pakistanis do return to their homeland, do think you have enough jobs to absorb them all?

So let us not debate that I am looking at it from a myopic lens and that in the long-run everyone will be employed and Pakistan’s economy will improve. The high short-run unemployment rate will increase the already high crime rate of the country, force youngsters to commit suicide, destroying happily settled families and taking Pakistan’s economy further down the drain. Do you even know how vital is remittance inflow for the country’s economy or for our currency?

Sir, your statement may appeal to the masses (just like Donald Trump’s ideology appeals to the rural masses in the USA), but it lacks the essence of humanity and at the same time does not even promise economic prosperity (just like most of Trump’s suggestions). The more one thinks about it, the more you seem to be the Donald Trump of Pakistan. But I am glad that Pakistan is better than the USA in the sense that the majority of Pakistanis know that an inexperienced person like you is not suitable for running a country and do not vote for you.

From, Just another Pakistani living in America