This is in response to ‘Letter to the Interior Minister’ by Engineer S T Hussain carried by The Nation dated January 26, 2017.

It is surprising that the writer has ignored some of the very basic facts while commenting and referring to the Quetta Inquiry Commission Report. Had the writer been aware of the nature of the case being heard by the Honourable Supreme Court, the extent to which the Commission’s report would facilitate the judges adjudicating the case and the reservations of the Interior Ministry, it would have significantly helped him developing an unbiased and a clear view about the whole issue.

The Quetta Inquiry Commission Report is not a judgment but findings of a Commission headed by a single member Honourable Judge. It is a matter of record that the Interior Ministry has expressed its reservations over some of the observations of the Report which were made without even providing the Minister the opportunity to respond or present his views. The writer will agree that nobody not even a judge has the authority, moral as well as legal, to pass any judgment without giving the other party a chance to be heard. As a matter of right, the Interior Ministry would file its point of view before the Ho. Supreme Court. With these facts, it seems indeed very surprising why the writer seems to be in such a hurry to target anyone when the justice is yet to be served.

Similarly, the writer has chosen to term his country’s Prime Minister as ‘corrupt’ and has commented on a matter which is still in the court of law. Without even waiting for the Court’s verdict, the writer has passed his own judgment.

One agrees to the assertion that ethical and moral courage is what makes the politicians great leaders but the writer must also keep in mind that ethics and morality also demands that one should refrain from passing judgments without any evidence or solid proof.

SARFRAZ HUSSAIN, Ministry of Interior,

Islamabad, January 30.