Literacy plays a major role in contributing to a thriving economy of a country. However, in Pakistan we are still caught up in an education crisis where a significant number of children are out of school. If we look at the number of female students enrolled in schools and colleges, the statistics are even worse. Around the world, there are 76 million young women who are illiterate. This means these women are not empowered enough to take control of and transform their lives or support their families. In Pakistan’s context, matriculation is considered as high education for young girls, and even then there are only few girls who manage to complete that.

In such circumstances, it’s extremely important that the significance of literacy is promoted among the masses through various literary activities. The Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) is one such event which reflects our literary traditions and acts as a catalyst in promoting the reading culture in our society. Such festivals not only cultivate the reading habit but also promote the accessibility of books and authors to young readers. As a concerned citizen, I urge policy makers to highlight such festivals and organize similar events across the country to create an interest in books and reading among the populace.


Karachi, January 16.