ZAFARWAL/BHALWAL/OKARA-Three persons were killed in different incidents of violence and road accidents, according to police.

In Zafarwal, a man was strangled by unknown suspects. Police said that Dildar Basheer, a resident of Pindi Borhi village, did not return to his home the other night; and his cell phone was found switched off when he was contacted. Next day, he was found dead in fields near Bhagiri.

It was suspected that some unknown accused took him to the deserted place and strangled him to death.

He lived in a rented home in Zafarwal. Police took the dead body into custody and started investigation.

In Bhalwal, a man was killed in a bike-bus collision on Gujrat Road. Ramazan, a resident of Ahli, was on his way to Bhalwal City on a motorcycle.

When he reached Gujrat Road, a bus hit the motorbike he rode. Resultantly, he died on the spot. His relatives protested against the incident.

In Okara, a motorcyclist was crushed to death by a down express train on Wednesday.

The deceased identified as Munir Ahmed was crossing railway track on a motorbike near Jorian Bridge, GT Road, when Allama Iqbal Express from Karachi crushed him to death.