KARACHI              -       Sindh Chief Secretary Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah presided over a meeting here on Thursday regarding preventive measures against monsoon rains and urban flooding.

The meeting decided to build a new storm water drain and restore the existing Mahran drain to its original state to save the residential areas like Saadi Town and other low-lying areas in the surroundings of the provincial capital from being submerged. The meeting was informed that monsoon rains as well as the water flowing down from the mountains caused urban flooding.

It was also informed that the rainwater coming from Lath Dam was discharged into Malir River through the Mahran drain, but due to the construction of M-9 Motorway, and certain other residential projects over the natural waterway, and KMC’s failure to carry out timely cleaning of the drain had created hurdles in its way, resulting in urban flooding during the monsoon rains every year. In view of such a situation, the meeting decided to construct a new 3.5km long storm water drain, and rehabilitate the existing Mahran Drain by removing illegal constructions and encroachments from its banks.