SWAT - District Police Officer

Syed Ishfaq Anwar holds

online Kuli Kacheri on

Thursday and communicated with general public. The DPO Swat listened to public miseries/

grievances and answered

it regarding policing and

Law and order situation

in Swat.

It was first-ever online

public-police forum arranged by Swat police

which was widely hailed

by public who termed

it an effective mode of

meeting with the DPO.

The discussion appeared online on official

facebook page of Swat


Number’s of public participated in the

Kuli Kacheri online and

commented and mostly raised issues like

non-availability of parking areas in the city, traffic violations and excessive fares of public

transport. Few residents

highlighted the misbehaviour of some traffic

Police Officers.

The DPO replied to the

queries citing the efforts

being made by Swat police to combat traffic issues.

It was said that for the

first time shift system

has been introduced in

traffic and efforts are being made to enforce traffic rules in collaboration

with other stakeholders

and with help and cooperation of public. To

a query regarding drug

selling, the DPO replied

that efforts are made by

Swat Police against the

menace of drugs in the


For the first time particulars of sureties of

narcotics sellers have

been acquired and displayed on various Police buildings compelling

them to withdraw their

surety. As per statistics

the menace has receded

to a negligible level.

Commenting regarding

behaviour of police personnel’s, the DPO enunciated that accountability

in police had been made

more stringent. “All Police officers have particularly been briefed to

be firm polite while on

duty,” he added.

The DPO vowed to hold

online Kuli Kacheri on

fortnight basis to bridge

the gap between public and police. He further

told that such forums

would eliminate trust

deficit between public and police and bring

them on the same page

to collectively make efforts for improving law

and order situation in the