MOHMAND - Mines workers and contractors should adopt and

implement safety and security measures in their

respective mining activities, said Biazai Assistant

Commissioner Abdul Wahab Khalil while addressing on occasion of first

aid training here at Biazai

Tora Khawa Marble mine

on Thursday.

The first aid training

for mines workers organised by the joint collaboration of district administration and Pakistan

Red Crescent Society

Mohmand Chapter. On

the occasion, Mohmand

PRCS Secretary Fauzee

Khan, Tehsildar Khwezai

Tehseen Ullah, Tehsildar Biazai Zahid Kamal,

Malik Sultan and Mines

workers were present.

The assistant commissioner said that on special directives of the

Mohmand deputy commissioner first aid trainings started for the mines

workers to minimise the

injuries. He asked the

mines workers and contractors that each and every one shall have been

ensured the availability

of first aid boxes as per

government directions in

the interest of workers.

He hailed the activities of

PRCs in the area and encouraged the trainings

participants that are taking keen interest in the

First Aid training.