Chaos, anarchy and brute abuse of laws and basic human values like protecting hospitals was criminally visible on streets of Lahore. Heart patients in critical condition were subjected to physical torment and agony, with their lifesaving support attachments forcibly removed by protesting lawyers to quench their ego in their quarrel with doctors and para medical staff.

Obedience to law is demanded and not an option, otherwise chaos and Jungle Law will prevail. Power Politics devoid of ethics follows. What is tragic is that in opinion of ruling elite and paid bureaucracy there is no realization that RED LINE was crossed when this attack on PIC occurred and State failed to exercise its writ to protect citizens. When Power flows from barrel of gun than unruly and egoistic groups resort to force as show of power.

We failed to understand that Quaid-e-Azam’s political struggle to carve nation state was for “WE THE PEOPLE”, their welfare, basic human rights and dignity. MAJ had very clearly elaborated upon role of paid civil and uniformed public is solely confined to serve people as servants of state. Unfortunately intrigues by serving member of Indian Political service Iskandar Mirza, who continued his liaison with British Indian Army until 1950 when he was promoted as Maj General and was serving simultaneously as Deputy Secretary Defense started reversal of Jinnah’s legacy and vision. It was no coincidence that General TW Resse who as commander of British Indian Army in WW2 Burma campaign had removed Ayub Khan from active duty to be replaced by Lt. Col Steve Parson, in connivance with Mirza after Quaid’s death be considered fit for promotion by Gen Messervy, inspite of Ayub being superseded by three junior officers(Brigadiers Nazir, Iftikhar and Nasir) on instruction of Quaid.