We got freedom from the British Empire after a long struggle. The political movement to gain freedom from the British was started by All India Congress. Later, All India Muslim League joined the movement as a separate entity. The Congress was more organized and well established than the Muslim League.

Mr. Jinnah started his political struggle as member of the Congress in 1906 to win freedom for the entire sub-continent from the British rule. However, being a man of principles, he soon realized that the Congress was taking steps unilaterally that would favor the Hindu majority leaving Muslims in the lurch. It was at that point in 1913, he decided to join the Muslim League joining the movement to gain and independent state for Muslim minority as he was genuinely concerned that Congress would fail to safeguard and protect rights of Muslims. Mr. Jinnah was labelled as traitor for quitting the Congress. Nehru criticized his move and commented the Jinnah had joined an unorganized party that represented Muslims only.

However, Mr. Jinnah had realized that the short-sighted Hindu majority would become another oppressor for Muslims after the British would leave. Therefore, he continued his struggle with Muslim league asking for a separate state for Muslims. He instilled unity among Muslims across the sub-continent be it students, politicians, or ordinary people. He led this movement, which gained momentum and the British were left with no option but to give in to his demands.

At this point the Congress and Mr. Gandhi, an old colleague of Mr. Jinnah in Congress used a political trick and offered him blank cheque to become the Prime Minister of united free India. Mr. Jinnah responded that he did not lead the movement for his own benefit but to ensure and safeguard rights and freedom of Muslim minority. He said he won’t accept a cheque drawn on a bankrupt institution.

Finally, the British gave in to his demands and agreed to formation of a separate state, Pakistan constituting areas with Muslim majority. At that time even some Muslims leaders disagreed with Jinnah and opted to remain part of India. However, today, seventy-two years after the creation of Pakistan, action of extremist Mr. Modi have proven that Jinnah was right. The clamp down and brutal curfew in Muslim majority regions since early August in the Indian occupied Kashmir is clear indication of the hate Hindu extremists have for Muslims in India. Now the citizenship bill, which singles out Muslims denying them of citizenship rights in Asam and other states clearly proves the Jinnah had the vision to see that Muslims would be marginalized by Hindus in a united India. Thank you, Mr. Modi, for finally proving the point of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah 72 years after the creation of Pakistan.