London - The PML-N and the opposition leader t Shehbaz Sharif filed a case against daily The Mail and online news site Mail Online in London High Court.

He said while addressing a news conference in London on Thursday, “It was a fabricated and defamatory story which published in the Daily Mail. It was a part of propaganda launched by Imran Khan Niazi against the PML-N in the name of sham accountability,”

Shahbaz also said during the press conference that PM Imran Khan and his government are lagging behind the opposition.

He also said, “We approached the court after the media outlet failed to answer our queries.” He remarked, “All facts will come to light as we will produce each and every evidence in the court to prove innocence.”

Shahbaz said, “If there was a shred of evidence against him of siphoning off millions of pounds,  the unholy alliance of NAB and PM Imran would not have filed baseless references against him in Pakistan.”