ASTORE - Member Gilgit Baltistan

Legislative Assembly and

Parliamentary Secretary

Health Barkat Jamil has

said that the government

is taking solid measures

for the socio-economic development of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Talking to media here

on Thursday, he said the

provincial government

was pursuing development projects in all sectors that would be timely


He said that there is no

deficiency of medicines

in any hospital of Gilgit Baltistan and DHOs of

the hospitals had been

directed to maintain adequate stock of medicines.

He said strict action

would be taken against

those employees who

would be found negligent in their duties.

Meanwhile, District

Health Officer(DHO) Astore Khursheed Ahmed

has said that we are improving health facilitates,

for the people of Astore

day by day. He said that I

had visited many A-class

dispensaries located at

far flung areas of astore

and inspects the level of

health facilities provided by our medical staff

to the people of that area.

The service of our pear

medical staff is satisfactorily and they are performing their duties very


He added that one

month before the polio compaing was also

successful and our staff

had gained the target.

He added that it was our

mission to declare the

area of Astore polio-free

and by the grace of God,

there was no case of polio has been registered in

district Astore till now.