HANGU - The Manager of a private bank along with three others was picked up by unknown persons in Ferozkhel area of Aurakzai Agency on Wednesday morning. As per details, Manager of Khushhali Bank along with other subordinates and colleagues was present in village Ferozkhel when some unknown armed persons took them towards an unknown destination. The employees of Khushhali Bank, abducted by unknown persons were identified as Mohammad Janan, Sarfaraz Ali, Ali Janan and Ishaq. The political administration of Aurakzai Agency confirmed the kidnapping of the Manager and three other employees of Khushhali Bank. The administration is now in contact with tribal elders for the early and safe recovery of the abducted persons. It may be mentioned here that Taliban operating in Dara Adam Khel, Hangu and Aurakzai Agency have already claimed eradicating all criminal elements. However, now almost all of these Taliban are involved in kidnapping for ransom, which they believe is a right step for "war needs."