ISLAMABAD - The federal government has directed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to gear up its efforts for the establishment of Pakistan's first-ever Liver Transplant as every fifth victim of the Hepatitis C in Pakistan needed the liver transplant. According to a fresh report of the World Health Organisation, every 10th Pakistani was suffering from the fatal viral disease, which attack the biggest internal organ in the human body necessary for the very survival. The report also says that 20 percent of the victims of the epidemic have reached the stage where the poor souls may either succumb to the disease or get their livers transplanted, informed Dr Saeed Ahmad, Senior Director Health, Capital Development Authority. The darkest picture, on the other hand, brings into limelight the negligence of the authorities regarding the provision of a much-needed facility, which is at time available in countries much poor than Pakistan, like Sri Lanka, Nepal and Philippine etc whereas there are 18 centres of the kind in India. However, as a spark of hope, Capital Development Authority, some two months back, had formed a committee for the establishment of a state-of-the-art liver transplant centre in Islamabad, which would cater to the needs of the whole country. Dr Saeed informed that the committee was making hectic efforts to make the dream true. He said that a delegation of three senior surgeons have examined the same facilities in Singapore and has submitted report to the Authority. He said that the proposed liver transplant centre would be developed on modern lines, for which, he said, centres of the kind in developed countries were being examined. He said that two meetings of the Capital Development Authority Board had been held regarding the establishment of the centre and he would soon give a presentation to Chairman CDA after finalizing the modalities of the facility. Dr Saeed, while assuring early execution of the project, informed that the committee was finalizing matters related to the location, cost and other details of the project, which he said would prove as the biggest gift the civic body had ever offered to the public. "Due to the unavailability of the facility in the country, patients with serious liver disorders had either to go abroad for costly treatment or become prey to the fate", said Dr Saeed. The civic agency felt the severity of the problem and too, the urgency of the measures required to address the same, he maintained, adding that the project would be completed within the shortest possible time to minimise difficulties of the victims of the endemic disease. Dr Saeed, being much enthusiastic about the project, said the same would be a breakthrough in the medical history of the country, which would provide standard facilities to the patients of liver disease for the treatment of which they once traveled far and off.