Women and their obsession with clothes is the biggest enigma that man has been trying to solve since the advent of this world, but to no avail. It is unfathomable for the male kind how a closet full of clothes still turns out to be insufficient for a woman when she decides to step out of the house.   A general confession that comes from almost every normal girl is that her survival is near to impossible without a package of new clothes delivered to her closet every now and then. The delight that a woman gets on draping on a new attire is simply unexplainable. While to the male eye it may look quite similar to what she was already wearing, she and her kind can suss out even the most intricate difference between two so-called similar kinds. Shopping comes as an inborn talent in every woman. When it comes to shopping a woman is never too tired. The only thing that can restrain her from shopping is an empty pocket. While gold has jumped out of reach for many, similarly, many garment shops have closed their doors to the middle class gentry too. And when a woman is torn apart on the decision of either saving money or spending it on new clothes, which may not be as necessary as she thinks, it sometimes becomes a matter of life and death. While inflation these days has made people starve and long for simple bread, it seems cruel to spend an amount on clothes that is more than a poor man's lifetime savings. But wants and desires are difficult to curb, and new clothes extremely difficult to resist. Inflation and poverty are said to go hand in hand. But when one goes to the market for shopping, he finds inflation, but he forgets poverty. Costs of clothes are skyrocketing and the shopkeepers blame inflation. The customers, on the other hand, slaves to their desires and selection, cannot resist spending, but even then are not too sure about the question of whether they have put their money to its right use or not. For the sake of emptying space in the closet for new clothes, old ones are passed on to servants, who value these second hand, rejected clothes as brand new branded wear. These are women too, with the same heart and the same liking of clothing as anyone else. And when, maybe once in a blue moon, they do get a chance to wear something they are the first ones to wear, it is the maybe the happiest day of their lives. While Islam preaches simplicity, it is pertinent to mention that it does not prohibit fulfilling one's right wishes through right means. As long as those desires do not conflict with any of Islam's values and as long as the person is also fulfilling other religious monetary obligations like Zakat. Dressing up is the right of females. Thus spending to a certain extent is justified. However, everyone knows their limits, and going out of your budget just to show off or wear a certain brand are things where women need to watch themselves. In the designer race of today, everyone wants the best of the best. But a borderline has to be drawn between wishes and necessities. While women continue in their quest to find the perfect dress, satisfying their taste without hurting their pockets too much, the feeders of those pockets continue to wonder about this never-ending fixation of women with clothes. It is one of those secrets of the world that might be revealed only on the Day of Judgement, and before that, anyone attempting to unmask this connection should be ready to accept shameful defeat. HADITH OF THE WEEK: Narrated Al-Bara: The Prophet was of a modest height. I saw him wearing a red suit, and I did not see anything better than him. (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 72, Number 739)