KARACHI - Heavy downpour lashed the City on Monday leading to poor power supply in many areas. As many as 168 feeders got tripped out of which only 25 are working. Meanwhile, at the Bin Qasim power plant all six units got tripped out of which four have been restored. In Karachi alone, which is divided into five zones, as many as 40 places were marked with the cable fault. By Thursday morning it is hoped that all the feeders that had tripped would be restored. As rain hit, the entire City went into the grip of loadshedding. Many areas of the City were without electricity for over 12 hours. Though the downpour continued till around 10pm, the power supply to many parts of the City were not restored even in the early morning. People were forced to rely on the UPS but that even failed after awhile. The option of using generators were not a feasible solution, either with the heavy downpour, the machine itself soaked in water and could not function.APP adds: The water and sewerage pumping was badly affected due to power breakdowns resulting in short water supply and sewerage overflows in various parts of the city. According to Karachi Water and Sewerage Board, pumping at North East Karachi Old Pump stopped at 4 p.m. Tuesday due to power suspension. It could be restored at 3-15 p.m. Wednesday but the supply again disrupted at 3-30 p.m.. According to KWSB North East Karachi, K-III Pumping House remained closed for three hours. Because of power suspension, pumping suffered badly at Dhabeji, Gharo, Hub Pumping House and Cliftom Pumping Station (Sewerage), Jamila Pumping Station (Sewerage) and Treatment Plants 1-II and III. Aside from short water supplies, there were sewerage overflows at various places including areas around Metropole, PC, Sheraton and Mariott Hotels, Clifton, Bath Island, I.I. Chundrigar Road and city's old areas.