TALIBAN made their presence felt in Southern Punjab after letters were found threatening women that acid would be thrown at their faces if they did not wear veil. They also asked the internet, music centres and cable TV owners to shut their business in Muzaffarabad, reports BBC. District Police Officer Muzaffargarh Shahzad Sultan has confirmed that some people in Kot Addu subdivision have received such threatening letters. The alleged Taliban wished to lay a check on vulgarity, Sultan said. Apparently the letters have been sent by Tehreek-e-Islami Taliban through which the internet cafes, cable TV network operators and music shop owners have been asked to close their shops within a fortnight failing which the Mujahideen could take action. However, it has not been clarified what sort the action could be. Kot Addu is a backward town of the Punjab. The Taliban have asked the women of this area not to go about unveiled and they have been given a deadline of five days to implement the directive, failing which their faces would be scalded with acid. Sultan maintains that no such organisation exists in the area as has been mentioned above and the police has no record of any such thing as yet.