I just wonder what this lawyer's movement is all about. Where is it taking us? Yes, Chief Justice was removed, and I would even say, disgracefully. Yes, he was confined to his house, unconstitutionally. Yes, a dictator was trying to dictate his terms while intoxicated with power. But then the resentment and anger of the nation has practically deposed that dictator now. Allah has avenged in the same way, if not more. He is not even a rubberstamp President anymore. That's another story that he does not leave. Why are black coats disgracing their profession? Why have they made their CJ look like a labour leader? He is a CJ, the supreme jurist of the country, after all. If misfortune has befallen on our nation under the auspices of the uniformed people, let us not make it worse. Please don't do that, friends. Maintain the dignity of this noble profession. I have been an admirer of Aitzaz Ahsan since my school days. He has done a wonderful job in this campaign. I admire him even more now. But to think that the country is in shambles, if not already gone. Don't you think we need to attend more urgently and seriously to the problems at hand? -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, via e-mail, July 15.