The recent visit of US Secretary of State Mrs Hillary Clinton has not been very productive in improvement of bilateral relationship. She kept redistributing the aid package of $2 billions that had been already passed by the US Congress as the Kerry-Lugar Act. One had expected that the major focus of strategic talks would be strategic interests of Pakistan but those were, apparently, not under discussion at all. Instead we heard the old, tiresome rote of 'do more, do more all over again from US officials. It is obvious that our government officials were unable to convince them that we have already done enough, having suffered a lot more than even the Americans themselves in the American war on terror. The cruelty and hypocrisy of the US approach was obvious by Mrs Clintons startling expression of reservations on the Sino-Pak nuclear deal despite the fact that the deal is fully transparent and corresponds to the IAEA safeguards as well. Dont forget that US had itself signed a similar civil nuclear deal with India discounting fears expressed by Pakistan and, in view of Islamabad at least, in total neglect of its impact on regional security. When Pakistan had demanded the same concession from US, the demand had been spurned. Being a fossil-fuel deficient country in dire need of civil nuclear energy, Pakistan naturally turned toward the old friend China. The US was not bothered about Pakistans fears on signing this deal with India, a state not yet in the ambit of NPT but has objections on a similar Pak China nuclear deal. What would you call that if not hypocrisy? The US perspective on Kashmir issue also remains indifferent to Pakistans. The US considers it a bilateral issue that needs to be resolved bilaterally and is clear that it would put no pressure whatsoever on India to resolve the dispute. Mrs Clintons statement about imagined possibilities of Osama Bin Ladens presence in Pakistan was also somewhat absurd. It is probably just another ruse to put pressure on Pakistan to achieve the US goals in region by using Osamas presence as a justification. No one knows whether Mr Bin Laden is alive or dead. But one fact clear to all is that if he were to suddenly die today, it would damage the American cause in this region irreparably. Mrs Clintons position on all of the above had made the strategic talks quite purposeless. The effort to reduce trust deficit proved to be fruitless. Despite being a major ally of US in war against terrorism for so long, Pakistani officials were simply unable to strike a deal with the US. -WAQAR-UN-NISA, Rawalpindi, July 27.