President Karzais latest harangue against Pakistan in which he has urged the US and its allies to forcefully destroy terrorist sanctuaries on its soil, shows that he is an ungrateful man who has chosen to spit venom against Pakistan despite all the favours granted. One would have wished that he had at least not lost his sense of proportion or diplomatic decency and had rather considered at least the transit trade facility provided to it by Islamabad. Likewise, he must also be knowing that his landlocked country depends on Pakistan for trade with the rest of the world through the seaport facility at its disposal for decades. Going to such an extreme as to urge the US to bomb Pakistan, he has only shown his true colours and hatred for us. Indeed, the aggressive and totally abominable kind of shadow boxing on his part also reaffirms the perception that he is in cahoots with the Indians in doing maximum damage to Pakistans image and security. There is no doubt that this is part and parcel of the US-led mudslinging campaign to demonise Pakistan. It is highly outrageous that without confirming the validity of the Wikileaks or keeping into consideration thousands of Pakistani citizens and officers who have lost their lives in pursuance of duty, the White House followed by its henchmen like Karzai should launch a diplomatic offensive against Pakistan. Clearly, the name of the game is: give a dog a bad name and hang him. President Karzai, however needs to worry more about his own country and how he would be coping with the situation once the US leaves Afghanistan. Most probably, his regional trump card New Delhi would also chicken out under the force of circumstances. Pakistan would be placed in a dominant position again and effectively, in the driving seat in terms of the regional security paradigm. He is doing no service to his country by intentionally trying to create a gulf between the two countries. The Karzai Administration is also engaged in talks with the militants as part of the strategy to reach some sort of a political settlement. But the US-led Afghan government is quite averse to see the same process happening in Pakistan. Precisely for this reason Islamabads plan to neutralise the Haqqani network through negotiations have been strongly opposed by the US. Thus by bombing the militants in Pakistan who just on the other side of the border are being incorporated into the political process, the US intends to indefinitely keep Pakistan embroiled in violence and instability.