It is an established fact that mega hydroelectric dams not only provide cheap power, and store millions of acre feet of water for irrigation but these are a mechanism for controlling flood water also. However, this fact is not something that the ANP stalwarts would want people to know because they have been opposing the Kalabagh dam for ages. That is why they are now facing the worst of floods, just like Balochistan and Sindh. I call that the wrath of Allah for their collective Kufran-e -Naimat of wasting flood water for so long. If mega dams of Kalabagh and Bhasha had been built by now, hundreds of thousands of deaths could have been avoided. The Governor Punjab is one sane person from Punjab who advocates the cause of Kalabagh dam while the rulers of Punjab are silent in this hour of trial for the nation. China, let me point out, has built the Three Gorges Dam to provide water for 30 percent crops of China and in addition generating 18, 600 MW of cheap power. Its most important benefit, though, is that it would help control massive floods that kill thousands of Chinese each year. -DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, July 30.